Midila Africa ltd is a company registered in Kenya working hand in hand with a group of mining communities in Congo, Tanzania and Migori, Kenya. The company has been incorporated as a Private Company Limited by shares as per the laws of Kenya.  The company is also licensed by the Department of Mines and Geology as a Mineral Prospector, Miner, Trader and Exporter.

Midila Africa ltd was founded as an export and import and logistics company and operates with partner companies and entities in the Larger Eastern Africa Region comprising Tanzania, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC .The company also deals in Mining and Industrial Metals (coltan (colombite), cobalt, copper, Gold, Diamond etc), Petroleum Marketing, Energy Production and General Trading in Imports and Exports.

Our company main responsibility is to make the sales of product by these miners and also seek investment into their concessions and also bring development projects like good schools, hospitals, roads and others, therefore we seek partnerships in these various fields for trade, investments and development.


01. Our Vision

To create value for our shareholders, our employees and our business and social partners through safely and responsibly exploring, mining and marketing our products. Our primary focus is Minerals, Logistics and Import and Exports.

02. Our Mission

Our mission is the responsible and profitable production of industrial metals and Mining. As a Company, and as individuals, we values respect, honesty, teamwork, accountability and open communication in all relationships.

03. Core Value

Safety is our core value. We place people first & correspondingly put the highest priority on safe and healthy practices & systems of work. We treat each other with dignity & respect. We also aim to be global leader with the right people for the right jobs.

04. Our Philosophy

 We accept responsibility & hold ourselves accountable for our work, our behaviour, our ethics & our actions. We aim to deliver high performance outcomes & also deliver on our commitments to our colleagues, business partners, & our investors.

05. Expanding Goal

Our sustainability goal is to achieve a balance of economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and social responsibility that extends beyond the economic lives of our mining operations, enegy and industrial metals production.

06.  Professionalism

We conduct our work with high ethical standards and a positive behavior. We are determined to achieve our goals and fulfill our commitments in an excellent, timely and consistent manner that will serve the needs of our internal and external customers.

Metallic Minerals

At Global Africa Holdings, metallic minerals are our major commodities, and include: Gold (Nuggets & Bars), Diamonds(Rough & Cut), Tantalite (Coltan/Colombite), Tin Ore (Casterite), Copper (Ore & Cathode), Graphite. We also mine Gems & Precious Stones. Gemstones are quite abundant in various mountainous regions of Kenya and the larger…


Cargo Logistics

We are expert in providing domestic moving / shifting services that comprise up of household goods. The services are designed to meet total customer satisfaction and expectations of our clients. In the field of cargo logistics, our company is a private firm which gives best quality service of people who deals in import and Export. Engaged in offering logistic services…



Energy Production

We mainly operating biogas plants with high level of…


Commodity Trading

Commodity trading is a niche area in the finance world that…


Petroleum Marketing

Global Africa Holdings Ltd  is a leader in the trade, marketing..





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